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Staged Import Consignments - What You Need to Know!

Updated: Jul 18

Staged Consignments:

  • Staged consignments differ from the norm:

  • Only one tariff subheading is used.

  • Classification is based on the essential character of finished plants, machinery, or factories.

  • Components needed for assembly are considered (as per Additional Note 1 to Section XVI).

  1. Timeframes and Documentation:

  • The approval letter for staged consignments:

  • Grants a maximum period of two years.

  • Specifies importation dates.

  • Requires shipping documentation in the importer’s name.

  • Includes the staged consignment number and tariff subheading on supporting documents.

  1. Consequences of Non-Compliance:

  • Failure to import within the granted timeframes:

  • Results in withdrawal of the approval letter.

  • Duties become payable for all consignments.

  • Goods declaration must be amended via voucher of correction (VOC).

  1. Extensions and Spare Parts:

  • Clients can apply for an extension within 30 working days before the expiry of the period.

  • Authorization doesn’t cover spare or replacement parts for existing machinery or steel structures.

  1. Handling Damaged Goods:

  • Proof of damage and disposal plan required for damaged parts.

  • Client responsible for proper destruction (under Customs supervision or with evidence).

Feel free to reach out to us for additional guidance or support with managing the process.

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